I found a good story.
The death if salesman.
We can understand the life of the salesman.
In the story, I saw a scene:
The son said that he is nothing.
Yes, he is a common person. 
Just like us.
I am a normal person, and I am nothing.
Hope one day I can find myself.
Hope I can realize my dream.

      Recently, I became a volunteer of international conference. It is about some professors coming and having speeches to share with others. Before they come, we need to write some e-mails to help them. However, I didn't prepare enough and I send many e-mails to the professor, I feel confused when I wrote letter to him. I found that I have many questions about the conference as well as the professor, therefore, I wrote letters to the school sister who is the major of this conference. However, I feel that she is angry about me and think that I did not see all information on the facebook.
     The days when the conference comes are coming, I feel nervous about the conference, in addition, I would meet the professor who writes the mail with me. I hope everything will go well. What I learn form this experience is think twice and not to ask for help easily because no one have free to help you. The important thing is write to professor, we need to be polite and use words carefully.